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Why Will You Never Win Without Google AdSense

Google is by far the largest search engine in the world, and it can help you figure out which ads will best promote your website’s content.

In this article, we will discuss how to set up Google AdSense matched content in WordPress.

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Google AdSense is a program used by the owners of websites to serve automatic text, videos, and advertisements. Google administers all of this content on behalf of their clients. In other words, Google does all the heavy lifting. Matched content is a feature of AdSense that promotes content from your site to your visitors. It can result in increased traffic to your site, and it can help to increase the time a visitor spends on your site. And, better yet, it’s free!

Google AdSense is a win-win for everyone involved. Website owners get targeted advertising in the places they want, and Google brings the advertisers the best platform possible. Revenue is generated either on a per-click or per-impression basis. Matched content recommendations improve the number of pages a visitor views by 9 percent.

How to Begin

Before setting up an account, there are a few things you have to consider. Every blogger, website, or YouTuber must be at least 18 years old, have a Gmail account, and must earn at least $100 with his site. Otherwise, they will not be paid. All payments are made within one month.

Three-Step Process

Setting up AdSense is simple. You have to go to your Gmail account, find the AdSense link, and go to the homepage. You will have a popup saying that the account is not associated with AdSense, and you will be given options to sign in or sign up. Choose to sign up and follow the instructions of the three-step process.

  1. Choose the Google account you would like to associate with AdSense. You can use your current account or switch to another one.
  2. The next step asks you to provide information about your content. This step is essential because if you do this incorrectly, your request will not be approved. In order to avoid such an occurrence, you should clearly state where you would like your ads displayed.
  3. You should also be sure to provide specific information about your website, blog, or YouTube account. There is also an “I do not have any content to monetize yet” option. Do not forget to indicate whether or not you have content to monetize.
  4. Specify the language you want your ads to be in, as well, because you want your ads to be in the same language as your content.
  5. Lastly, read, do not just scan, the terms and conditions, because abusing them may lead to being banned from the service. Also, you are not allowed to click on your own ads or use incentives like “click here to win 100,000 US dollars” types of promotions.
  6. The last step is submitting the application. Here you have to provide your current and relevant contact information. It is needed for taxes. You have two options here: register as an individual or as a business.

After double-checking the information, submit your application. After submitting your application, you will have to prove that the associated blog, website, or YouTube channel belongs to you. They will ask you to place a code on the backend on your site. Or, you will have to go to the domain name provider and change DNS server name.

Setup Google AdSense for your content

Once you are approved, you can get to the setup. The very first line of the homepage shows how much you earned the present day, the previous day, over one week, and during the last 28 days. Remember, that you have to reach $100 for this to work. To add a new ad, go to my ads, click ‘new ad unit’, and click ‘matched content’. is a company that can help you with writing high-quality content if you do not have content yet.

First, choose the size of the as, which is usually recommended. The preview option is available here to help you get a better understanding of what are you going to pick. Next, you have to select the type of ad you prefer. The list is continually updating. There are a few options to choose from:

  • Text
  • Display
  • Text Plus Display
  • Link Units
  • Rich Media

It is reasonable to choose the type according to your existing content. Putting more displays to already fulfilled content may puzzle the reader the same way as text content inside an informative article.

Last Preparations

The next step is choosing the right places to put your ads. They will appear wherever you place the code. It is always better to consult a content manager or usability specialist to find the right place.

Once finished, the HTML code will be generated, and you will have to place it on your website via WordPress or any other admin site-building panel. As you can see, you do not have to have programming skills to generate the code by yourself. Setting up targeted advertising is simple.

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