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Top Fifty WP: New Website Ranks Plugins by Downloads per Day

The team behind Pootlepress has launched a new website that displays the top 50 WordPress plugins by downloads per day. It uses the Plugin API to pull the previous day’s download stats from plugins hosted in the directory. The site also shows the average rating as a percent in the right-hand column.

Top 50 Plugins by Downloads per Day

As one might expect, the most popular plugins with more than a million active installs dominate the top 50 spots. There are a few surprising plugins in the mix, with 500,000 installs or less, where these daily download stats might be an indication of their potential growth: Ocean Extra, WPS Hide Login, AMP, File Manager, and WP Statistics. It’s something to monitor over time, as there may be quite a bit of turnover in the top 50.

It’s also interesting to see a few plugins among the top 50 that provide utilities frequently used when working with WordPress but not necessary to have installed all the time. It looks like users are installing plugins like WordPress Importer, Maintenance, All-in-One WP Migration, and Coming Soon Page, and then leaving them active on their sites.

Top Fifty WP Is Now Available as a Plugin with Gutenberg Blocks for Top Plugins and Themes

Pootlepress has packaged up Top 50 WP as a plugin so that other publishers can use it to display the same data on their own websites. It includes two Gutenberg blocks – one for plugins and the other for themes. They are listed under Layout Elements.

Pootlepress founder Jamie Marsland said the plugin is coming soon to but for now it can be downloaded from his website. It requires the Caxton plugin to be installed, which provides Pootlepress’ base framework for new blocks. Marsland’s team is working on adding more blocks with plugin and theme data, as well as customization options for each block.

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