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First Look: What You’re Likely To See In WordPress 5.3

After the release of WordPress 5.2, the community has been waiting excitedly for WordPress 5.3. You can have a look right now to see what to expect with new and improved features in the Gutenberg page editor.

Here are three things we are very likely to see when version 5.3 becomes a reality.

1. The Group Block

One of the most exciting updates is the Group Block, which allows you to create large sections of content. See how I used it in the video above.

The group block will be an excellent way to create simple, reusable block templates for your web site.

2. Improvements In The Column Block

At the moment, the column block is a bit underwhelming because you can’t change a column’s width.

Hopefully, with 5.3, you’ll be able to change column widths and make the cells in a row easier to see.

3. A Time Saving Way To Change Or Add An Image To A Page

Dragging and dropping an image into a page to replace an existing image will not only be easy. It’s going to be really cool.

It’s a bit tricky to state with certainty what we can expect with 5.3 – which we probably won’t see until mid-July.

But we can expect changes to be made with Gutenberg. No doubt subtle improvements are coming overall to the block editor experience. Expect to see some specific enhancements to the blocks themselves along with at least one new major block. Also, much work is being done to make Gutenberg more accessible to work with.

If you’re not using Gutenberg yet or need some help, have a look at my Using Gutenberg series of videos.

Bud Kraus

Bud Kraus has taught web design and WordPress for over 20 years in New York City and for his online students. He is the creator of the WP A To Z Series, a free WordPress training service. He works with small businesses and their sites too.

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